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Unconscious Bias: Discover blind spots
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″Diversity & Inclusion improving performance and creating a better world″

Hans W. Jablonski, Expert on Diversity & Inclusion

Hans-JablonskiDiversity makes the difference and Inclusion makes Diversity successful. This is what I am convinced of and many companies I have worked with share this commitment.
As one of the first Diversity managers in Germany and in my role as consultant, I have worked with about a third of Germany’s DAX30 companies and several other global corporations from various industries. As an expert and excellent consultant, trainer, and moderator for numerous topics, I worked with members of the top management and senior leaders around the world, e.g., USA, Brazil, India, China, Japan, and various countries across Europe.

Benefit from my experience and passion for your success. I am happy to support you from the planning phase of your diversity strategy throughout its global or local implementation steps. My keynotes are convincing and entertaining and full of practical examples. My interactive workshops are known as hands-on, practical, and fact-based. They elaborate on useful examples from everyday business life to explain what is behind diversity and what makes diversity understandable and tangible. Find more information about the team and myself here.

“One of the best events I ́ve ever attended. Very professional!“, VP EMEA


Diversity Management creates an advantage for your company:


Become employer of choice:
The best talents become fans

Diversity & Inclusion make your company attractive for talents and specialists. They create an atmosphere in which creativity can drive and innovation is fostered.

Mixed teams demonstrably develop advanced and more sustainable ideas. Thus, internal successful diversity management serves as a dynamic drive that also impacts companies externally: It attracts new talents and specialists to the company.


Performance orientation instead of Unconscious Bias

Create an open corporate culture (hence, an inclusive culture), in which everyone can develop their strengths and competencies without boundaries and unhindered. Therefore, raising awareness of unconscious bias is a crucial factor of success.

The knowledge of how clichés and prejudices distort our perception can sharpen the eye for the essentials and innovations. Show appreciation and establish integrity - this motivates and ensures the commitment of a diverse workforce and, thus, leads to creativity and innovation.


Accelerate digital transformation with Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion support transformation and new forms of work and collaboration. It enables working in virtual or agile teams that operate flexibly and are independent of location, time, and structures. Develop "diversity competence" in your company.

Make sure that your managers and teams remain successful in a digitalized world of work. Diversity can be the catalyst for change and transformation. It contributes to the future and innovative ability of the company.


Explore new markets, inspire your customer

In fact, new markets can be successfully won and served with mixed teams. Accommodate diverse and specific wishes, find new and better ways with your teams to fulfil them.

Your customers will be amazed by your diversity and the ideas behind it.

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We have successfully worked with large and medium-sized companies, their board members, managers, and executives from various industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, IT technology, finance, insurance, law, and many more.

We also like to work successfully with public employers as well as international universities, NGOs, and associations. We are happy to provide you with further information on our work.