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Diversity expertise

We do our business responsibly and build on a trusting, reliable, and appreciative relationship with all our business partners.

We offer consistent quality in our work that is much valued by our partners.

We carry on our business sustainably by being aware of our responsibility to society. Our commitment is to contribute to the improvement of the working environment.
For this purpose, we gladly support you in the development and implementation of Diversity Management – if desired, worldwide, with regional experience and expertise, and in the appropriate national language.

Hans W. Jablonski

Diversity & Inclusion expert and owner of jbd

The D&I expert and owner of jbd, Hans Jablonski, has gained more than 20 years practical experience in people- and organizational development in different sectors. He was one of the first Diversity managers in Germany and is co-founder of the Diversity Charter in Germany and other European countries.
In addition to about a third of the DAX-listed companies, Hans Jablonski also works with other global players and medium-sized enterprises. He consults with passion and conviction.
He is a focused and experienced expert, excellent moderator, sought-after key note speaker, and author of articles and book contributions.

Memberships and Engagement
Expert Panelist for the Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks

Member of national DIN committee and the global ISO workgroup for the development of global ISO/DIN directives on Diversity & Inclusion 

Member of the working group „Diversity“ at the Chamber of Commerce Cologne

Board Member Kompetenzzentrum Technik-Diversity-Chancengleichheit e.V.

Member of GSOB Gesellschaft für Systemische Organisationsberatung e.V.

Voluntary mentor for disadvantaged, unemployed young people at Joblinge

Member of FidAR (Organisation to promote women into advisory boards in Germany)


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Hans W. Jablonski: Zusammenarbeit in multikulturellen Teams. In: Personalmanagement in Europa; Regnet, Hofmann (Hrsg.), Göttingen 2000

consultant profile PDF file


Nazife Sarcan – Senior Trainer & Consultant

Nazife Sarcan is an experienced consultant and trainer with a focus on Diversity Management and intercultural training.

Prior to becoming self-employed, Nazife worked as a personnel and organizational developer on change management, culture and Diversity management. The focus of her work is in the consulting and implementation of Diversity Management in public and private companies.

Stephen Yong, M.A. – Senior consultant

Stephen Yong is a senior consultant widely recognized in his field of expertise. He specializes in high-ranking leadership programs, human resource and Diversity programs, and sales trainings. Stephen Yong speaks Chinese and English fluently.

He has worked in countries as diverse as Canada, USA, Indonesia, and Singapore. Currently he works out of Singapore.

Xiang Hong Liu – Senior Consultant & Coach

Xiang Hong Liu has many years of experience in training, consulting, and coaching on topics such as Diversity and Change-Management as well as leadership- and team development.

She has worked in international companies and is a qualified and experienced trainer, consultant, and coach. Her working languages are English, Chinese/Mandarin and German.

Julia MeuserJulia Meuser – Senior Consultant & Expert

Julia Meuser is a senior trainer and expert on Diversity & Inclusion and social sustainability in companies. She brings more than 20 years of experience in learning & development and personnel and organizational development in companies. 

In addition, she is a professional coach and mentor for executives and yoga and meditation teacher.

Dominic Frohn – Senior consultant

Prof. Dr. Dominic Frohn is a consultant, coach, mediator, and trainer. He is specialized in occupational and organizational psychology as well as health psychology with regard for aspects of Diversity Management.

In various fields, he investigates the connection between Diversity and health as well as the achievement potential of employees. He lives in Germany and works nationwide.

Unwha Choi – Senior consultant

She has lived in five countries, speaks three languages, and has over twenty-five years of experience in business development, supply chain management, and organizational development.

Unwha Choi is based in Seoul, South Korea.

Nirmala MenonNirmala Menon – HR professional

Nirmala Menon is a HR professional with over thirty years of experience in varied roles across diverse organisations. Recognised as an expert, on Diversity & Inclusion, Nirmala works with several marquee organisations on their inclusion agenda in India.

As part of IBM’s global diversity team, Nirmala gained wide and varied global experiences to build her credentials. Nirmala is based in India.