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Diversity Lexicon

Make sure you use right terms for Diversity & Inclusion (suggestions)

The variety of shared and different personal characteristics among human beings. Diversity dimensions differ along regions but globally these core dimensions have been identified: Age, Gender, Ethnicity/Culture/Skin colour, Sexual Orientation, Gender-Identity, Disability.

Inclusion/Inclusive Culture/Inclusive Leadership
Inclusion is about making all people feel being part of the team. Inclusion is the production factor for Diversity.

Unconscious_Cognitive Bias/Implicit Bias
Systematic (unconscious) attribution of particular characteristics or qualities for a social group and transferring these characteristics to a single person out of that group (e.g. all Germans are punctual).

Prejudiced thoughts and discriminatory actions based on differences in age; usually that of younger persons against older but also the other way around.

The socially constructed concepts of male and female (and everything in between or none) while sex describes the biological classification of male or female (with also variations in between)

Sexual Orientation
A natural preference in partners; most used categories arehomosexuality, heterosexuality, or bisexuality.

Gender Identify
A psychological sense of self. Individual understanding of options on gender. This may differ from the sex.

Acronym describing the groups of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered people

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