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Diversity and innovation

Diversity properly implemented


Our downloads section contains a wide selection of useful guides and interesting articles. You are welcome to download the following publications free of charge:

Diversity und Inclusion: Schlüsselelemente für den Geschäftserfolg
Ein Beitrag von Hans Jablonski in der Zeitschrift „China Sustainability Tribune“ im Juli 2019
Download des PDF (nur in chinesischer Sprache verfügbar)

Privileg Mann – Zum Wandel der Geschlechterrollen in Organisationen.
Ein Beitrag von Hans Jablonski in der Zeitschrift „OrganisationsEntwicklung“ vom 11.10.2019
Download des PDF

Erfolgsfaktor Diversity Management: Definition, Ziele & wirksame Maßnahmen
Ein Interview mit Hans W. Jablonski, veröffentlicht auf der Website des Jobvermittlers „Avantgarde Experts“ am 27.08.2019
Download des PDF

A Study on Diversity & Inclusion in companies in Germany has been published and is available here in English language.
Download PDF

New study on Innovation and Diversity: The Mix that Matters

This study shows a clear correlation between diversity and innovation. It quantifies the impact that different types of Diversity have on companies´ ability to generate new sources of revenue.
Download PDF

Diversity Matters!

A study that shows why diversity matters and that diversity may contribute to the
companies financial success
Download PDF

A useful guide for small and medium companies on how to implement Diversity Management

Download PDF

Continuing the Diversity Journey

Study by European Commission from october 2008 about current business practices, perspectives and benefits of diversity
Download PDF

Synergy by Diversity

IBM, Metro, IKEA – just a few examples from a sample conducted by Bertelsmann Foundation. All these best practice cases show, which considerable advantages diversity could really afford for companys.
Download PDF(953 KB)

Women on expedition to 2020

Current study by Deutsche Bank on the position of women in future society
Download PDF(953 KB)

„Diversity at work“

In eight steps to more diversity in small and medium-sized businesses – the EU’s How-To guide shows how it can be achieved.
Download PDF(910 KB)

Women Matter

Two studies on Gender and about activities of companies to get a better mix of men and women in leadership positions.
Download study 2010(2,6 MB)
Download study 2012(464 KB)

in German available only:

Unternehmen entdecken die Vielfalt

In his article for “Arbeit und Arbeitsrecht” magazine (“Work and Labour Law”), Hans Jablonski summarises how businesses and employees can benefit from diversity.
Download PDF(76 KB)